National CAPACD Denounces Administration’s Attack on Vietnamese Immigrants and Refugees

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) met with representatives of the Vietnamese government in the latest of a series of attacks on immigrant rights seen under the current Administration. DHS is attempting to renege on a 2008 agreement that bars the deportation of Vietnamese immigrants, refugees, and asylum seekers who arrived in the United States before 1995. According to the Southeast Asia Resource Action Center (SEARAC), this reversal would leave about 8,600 Vietnamese immigrants, many of them refugees from the Vietnam War, subject to deportation. The Administration’s actions again signal an abdication of its responsibility to protect our most vulnerable community members. This move by DHS is particularly appalling because of the role the United States played in creating the conditions that led to thousands of asylum seekers from the Vietnam War.

National CAPACD’s Executive Director Seema Agnani states “We are angered by the Administration’s efforts to undermine the right of thousands of Vietnamese immigrants to live in this country. It is another example of the Administration’s regressive immigration policy, most recently seen in the public charge rule and the threat of a government shut down if Congress does not fund a border wall. As contributing members of American society, immigrants have the right to live without fear in our neighborhoods. National CAPACD stands in solidarity with our Vietnamese communities and will continue to advocate for just and inclusive immigration policies.”

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