National CAPACD Announces #OurNeighborhoods 2024 Peer Learning Program Cohort

National CAPACD continues to support organizers and advocates dedicated to stopping displacement and gentrification of Asian American and Pacific Islander communities through launching the 2024 #OurNeigbhorhoods Peer Learning Program. The program’s mission remains unchanged: to foster a space where participants can share their knowledge and workshop strategies to keep low-income Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders in their homes and neighborhoods. Over the course of six months, this year’s cohort will engage in monthly discussions and participate in at least one in-person meeting to deepen their understanding of their peers’ communities. 

Below is the list of selected community-based organizations that have sent one staff member to participate in this year’s programming: 

This work has been generously supported in part by TD Charitable Foundation.

 For more information about this peer learning cohort, please contact Wai Yee Poon, Organizing Manager, at