Theory of Change

Vision Statement

Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians, Pacific Islanders, and all communities of color live and thrive equitably and are empowered to collectively shape their neighborhoods.


Mission Statement

National CAPACD advances equity and creates vibrant, healthy neighborhoods by mobilizing and strengthening a powerful coalition of Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander community-based organizations working in low-income communities.


Comprehensive Community Development

We are the national leader advancing comprehensive community development and advocating against gentrification in and displacement of low-income AA and NHPI neighborhoods and communities.

Comprehensive community development is a diverse set of holistic strategies designed to embrace a community’s culture and assets as well as address the needs of historically divested and marginalized communities. Comprehensive community development is led by community-based organizations working together to collectively address the interconnected facets of communities such as housing, safety, health, and access to economic opportunity by providing services, community planning, land acquisition or stewardship, and community organizing.



We value

local community power

We value

equitable opportunities and access

We value

people shaping neighborhoods

We value

sovereignty and the right of self-governance

We value

the centering culture in places

We value

Black lives

We value

the generations who preceded us and the generations who follow

We value

our interdependence

We value


Outcomes in Service of Our Mission

Neighborhood and Regional Outcomes:

Member organizations are aligned and connected, as well as have access to resources and capital to implement strategies among a network of place-based organizations in order to shape the long-term health of their neighborhood and community.

Individual and Family Based Outcomes:

Member organizations offer culturally and linguistically responsive/resonant economic security and opportunity programs that improve the lives of low-income AA and NHPI communities.

Coalition Outcomes:

An active coalition with aligned values, shared purpose, and commitment to our mission that reflects the diversity of the AA and NHPI communities.

Policy Outcomes:

Adoption and movement of coalition-driven federal policies that advance racial and gender equity, equitable development, and improve the economic and social well-being of low-income AA and NHPI neighborhoods and communities.

Narrative Outcomes:

The realities and experiences of low-income AA and NHPI communities are acknowledged and accounted for in the broader public discourse on social and economic justice for BIPOC communities leading to more inclusive policies, resourcing, and engagement.

Organizational Outcomes:

National CAPACD's impact in advancing equity and comprehensive community development is evident to all its stakeholders and embodied throughout our structure, programs, operations, and workplace.