National CAPACD Mourns the Passing of Chaosarn Chao


Chaosarn Chao passed away on April 5, 2017 at age 66 following a bone marrow transplant and health complications. Chao, former Executive Director of Lao Family Community Development (LFCD) located in Oakland, California, was one of National CAPACD’s founding members and had been a supporter of National CAPACD since our inception in June 1999.

Chao immigrated to the United States in 1978 and called both Richmond and Sacramento his home, where more than 5,000 Iu Mien form one of the largest Mien populations in the United States. Having worked with the state of California’s victim assistance program for over 30 years, Chao and LFCD helped thousands of Hmong, Afghans, Iu Mien, and other refugees escape poverty in Northern California. Chao is survived by his wife Faychoy Chao, his eight children – Samson Chao, Kathy Chao Rothberg, Michael Chao, Frank Chao, Peter Chao, Jerry Chao, John Chao and Linda Chao – and six grandchildren.

LFCD has provided guidance on how to honor his legacy: “In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to LFCD, 1551 23rd Avenue, Oakland, CA 94606, dedicated for the CARE Community Center Project in Oakland, in his honor.”