People & Places 2021 Federal Advocacy Week

Join us JUNE 21 – 25 for meetings with Members of Congress and the Biden administration.

Federal Advocacy Week

From June 21-25, the Collaboration will organize virtual meetings with Members of Congress and the Biden administration, and provide high-priority “asks” to impact federal action, accountability, direct funding and direct representation for local communities.

Get ready with 2 trainings:

JUNE 8 — Policy Priorities
2 – 3 pm EDT webinar
Learn about the high priority “asks” that are timely given the current priorities of Congress and the administration.

JUNE 15 — Advocacy
2 – 3 pm EDT webinar
Learn how to advocate effectively on Capitol Hill and with Biden Administration officials.

When you register for People & Places Federal Advocacy Week, you get:

  • Access to the Collaboration’s Policy priorities which will be finalized in the coming weeks.
  • Automatically registered for the webinars on June 8 and 15 to learn more about our priorities and how to participate in virtual meetings with Congress and the Administration.
  • Help scheduling meetings on June 21 – 25 with Senators and Representatives from your area and federal agencies.

People & Places Federal Advocacy Week is limited to members of the host organizations. Registration is free. When you register, you will automatically be signed up for both webinars.

People & Places Collaboration:

Who is the People & Places Collaboration?
A coalition of networks that connect 348 member organizations, including local community-based organizations as well as state and regional community development associations, working in service of thousands of communities across the U.S.

Why does the Collaboration exist?
We are committed to combating structural racism and economic disparity through policy strategy and advocacy. We exist to create the conditions for residents to determine and control the future of their neighborhoods and get what they need to ensure their long-term stability, health and wealth. When all people & places thrive, our nation thrives.

What does the Collaboration do?
In solidarity, we advance policies, investments, and protections that prioritize the well-being of African American, Latino, Asian American, Pacific Islander and Indigenous people, and other low-and-moderate-income communities.

Thank you to JPMorgan Chase and BBVA for their generous support of the People & Places Collaboration.