National CAPACD Strategic Plan 2018-2021

Our Mission

National CAPACD is a progressive coalition of local organizations that advocate for and organize in low-income AAPI communities and neighborhoods. We strengthen and mobilize our members to build power nationally and further our vision of economic and social justice for all

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Strong community based organizations

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Strong community based organizations (both existing and emerging) that provide services, advocate for, and organize within AAPI neighborhoods and communities.

  • CBOs have sufficient and sustainable organizational capacity, funding and resources.
  • CBOs have effective and sustainable leadership models.
  • CBOs have resources and capacity to provide economic empowerment services.
  • CBOs have capacity to run effective organizing campaigns that engage AAPIs and local residents on issues impacting their communities and neighborhoods.

A connected coalition

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A connected coalition that represents collective AAPI power at the national level.

  • Coalition is steered by accountable and engaged leadership from member organizations that reflects diversity of AAPI communities.
  • Strong cross cultural peer relationships and networks.
  • Shared values and intersectional analysis of barriers to the economic and social advancement of low-income AAPIs.
  • A unified national policy agenda that reflects local community needs.

National Policies and Resources

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National policies and resources that further the economic and social empowerment of low income AAPIs, and equitable development of AAPI neighborhoods.

  • Narrative shift on the conditions of low-income AAPIs in public, private, and ally institutions through research and storytelling.
  • Strategic alliances with progressive social justice organizations.
  • Public policy makers are educated about and held accountable to low income AAPI community development needs.
  • A unified national policy agenda that reflects local community needs.

National CAPACD's vision of social and economic justice in the US

emerges when low income Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians, and Pacific Islanders have the information, resources and power necessary to engage, thrive, and have a voice in shaping their neighborhoods and communities.


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