National CAPACD Applauds the Signing of the Inflation Reduction Act 

Yesterday, President Biden signed the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022, the most significant action taken to respond to the climate crisis in U.S. history. The Administration will invest in clean energy solutions that reduce pollution and advance environmental justice, while bringing down energy costs for families and creating thousands of well-paid union jobs. In addition, the Administration will address rising inflation by working to reduce the deficit. These measures, as well as lower healthcare costs and a fairer tax code, demonstrate the Administration’s commitment to our cost-burdened communities.

National CAPACD Executive Director Seema Agnani states “We applaud the Administration for their leadership – their bold response to the growing crisis of climate change is also, at its heart, a strong response to the impacts of this crisis on low-income communities of color. National CAPACD also knows that the work must continue; in order to address rising inflation, we must acknowledge how inflation disproportionately impacts low- to moderate-income families, particularly communities of color in high-cost cities that are already struggling as the rental housing market becomes increasingly unaffordable. We look forward to our continued partnership with the Administration to create even more opportunities for wealth-building and economic security for low-income families and communities of color.”