National CAPACD Mourns Lives Lost in Monterey Park Mass Shooting

National CAPACD mourns the loss of community members killed in the horrific shooting at a Lunar New Year festival in Monterey Park, CA this weekend. Our hearts go out to those injured or impacted, including the grieving families and loved ones who must navigate through the tragedy and trauma caused by this violent act on a holiday that is deeply significant to many in the Asian American community. 

National CAPACD Executive Director Seema Agnani states, “While responders are still figuring out the cause of the shooting, we know that it took place in a neighborhood with one of the highest populations of Asian Americans in the country and during a time of celebration and joy for many in our community. Too many Americans have lost their lives due to negligent gun control policies. We urge our elected officials to act swiftly to enact gun safety legislation – communities should not have to worry for their safety, fear for their lives, or grieve for their loved ones due to gun violence, and certainly not during one of their most culturally significant holidays in a neighborhood they call home.” 

In the coming days, National CAPACD will look toward local partners and allies on the ground for guidance on how we can support impacted community members. We will share any guidance we receive on our social media channels.