Become a National CAPACD Member

National CAPACD's Mission & Values

Our Mission
National CAPACD advances equity and creates vibrant, healthy neighborhoods by mobilizing and strengthening a powerful coalition of Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander community-based organizations working in low-income communities.

Our Vision
Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians, Pacific Islanders, and all communities of color live and thrive equitably and are empowered to collectively shape their neighborhoods.

As a member of National CAPACD, your organization will be part of a strong coalition that leads on housing and economic justice issues affecting AAs and NHPIs, and low-income communities of color. Our current program areas are housing counseling, small business, creative placemaking, financial capability, and neighborhood organizing.

Membership and Capacity Building Values

We value people. People are the foundation of building strong organizations.
We strategically invest in leadership development to build the pipeline for passionate, motivated and committed individuals to join and commit to the AA and NHPI movement.

We value providing support. Throughout an organization’s lifespan, needs for referrals and resources arise.
We connect our membership with capacity-building resources and services (through connecting them to outside technical assistance providers, and peer-to-peer relationship building).

We value strengths. All organizations excel and have strengths to contribute.
We uplift expertise within our membership as a resource to other members.

We value collaboration. A connected coalition is dependent on collaboration.
We intentionally make space for community-based organizations to connect with one another and National CAPACD.

Why Join

Our coalition exists by and for YOU! Member organizations comprise more than 70% of our Board of Directors, and help us to develop our policy and program areas. As a National CAPACD member, you help us advance our collective vision, and empower our local communities.

We connect our members to opportunities.

We offer structured opportunities for technical support, including housing counseling, small business, financial capability, and neighborhood organizing programs. We provide scholarship opportunities for our members to attend trainings to increase organizational capacity. Our policy advocacy fellowship, Community in the Capital, trains the next generation of AA and NHPI organizational leaders by building their advocacy and communication skills.

We connect our members to each other.

We believe that our network is stronger when we learn from each other. We convene peer to peer learning spaces through webinars, online meetings, in person events, and our bi-annual Convention. When you join National CAPACD, you commit to sharing and learning from others in the network because working together strengthens our movement.

We channel resources to local organizations.

We ensure that our members have sufficient and sustainable organizational capacity, funding, and resources. National CAPACD currently re-grants almost 50% of its operational budget directly to local community-based organizations.  (Please Note: While membership doesn’t ensure that an organization will receive pass-through funding, National CAPACD acts as a fiscal intermediary because of our commitment to growing the organizational capacity of local AA and NHPI organizations)

We make local work visible at the national level.

We work with our members to change the national narrative about low-income AA and NHPI communities. As a member organization, we actively encourage you to shape and inform our national policy and research agenda. Similarly, through our communications strategies, we seek to amplify and elevate your local community work. Our national work centers local community needs and voices.


You are eligible to apply for membership if one or more of the following describes your local or regional AA and NHPI-serving organization.

  • Community, Neighborhood, or Population-Based Organization
  • Community Development Corporation (CDC)
  • Multi-Service Organization
  • Community Organizing Organization
  • Advocacy Organization
  • Other Local or Regional AA and NHPI-serving Organization
  • Arts and Cultural Organization engaging in local community development


  • Access to our new Member Portal which will be exclusively accessed by National CAPACD subgrantees and paid members.
    Resources cover the following categories:
    Financial Coaching
    Financial Workshops
    Credit Building
    Housing Counseling
    Data on AA and NHPI Poverty and the Racial Wealth Gap
    **Quarterly webinars will be offered to members to provide training on how to utilize the Member Portal.
    Small Business - Coming Soon!
  • Access to monthly Policy Matters
  • Discounts for Credit Builder Alliance (CBA) Members 
  • The Management Center training discount (25% off all of their trainings)
  • Access to our signature policy advocacy fellowship, Community in the Capital
  • Feature on National CAPACD’s Membership Monday on social media
  • Virtual spaces to bring EDs together to discuss pressing issues impacting our communities

Membership Dues

During this COVID-19 crisis, we recognize that organizations may be at different financial points. For dues payment this year, we are offering organizations to pay as they can. We invite you to choose the dues amount that fits your budget (we suggest that all organizations commit to paying a minimum of $50). If your organizational budget allows you to, please consider paying the full membership dues - guideline below for organizations based on budget size. For those organizations who are able to go above and beyond - we encourage you to make an extra donation through your membership dues. Extra donations will go directly to assisting other organizations within our coalition who are in need at this time.

 Annual Budget  Annual Dues
Over $5 Million $2,500
$1 to 5 Million $1,500
$500K to $999,999 $500
Under $500K $200


Questions about membership? Click here to schedule an appointment or email