Three-Year Organizational Priorities

Establish an integrated neighborhood, place-based program approach

In order to advance a comprehensive approach to community development, prevent displacement, and increase community engagement of AA and NHPI residents, small businesses, and cultural institutions, we will integrate and expand National CAPACD’s “place-based” or neighborhood-focused programs to include neighborhood organizing, community planning, preservation, creative placemaking and placekeeping, and real estate development strategies.

Establish a national CDFI intermediary

National CAPACD will establish a national CDFI intermediary in order to expand access to capital in AA and NHPI communities and among our member organizations. We will develop aligned technical assistance and capacity-building programs to advance place-based strategies and prevent displacement of residents, small businesses, and community and cultural institutions.

Develop a research agenda and strategic dissemination strategy

We will surface needs and opportunities, as well as document systemic barriers for AA and NHPI communities and neighborhoods in order to counter the model minority myth, increase understanding of AA and NHPI communities, and advance strategic policies, partnerships, and programs.

Build greater engagement and mobilization of the coalition at the national level

National CAPACD will resource and establish the operational infrastructure needed for greater engagement with member organizations with clear lines of accountability to a core set of member organizations that are most engaged and driving the advocacy agenda.

Capture the true impact of National CAPACD’s work

National CAPACD will work to develop more robust and consistent systems and processes for program evaluation that can be easily integrated into program implementation. These will capture the impact on community-based organizations, as well as data relevant to impact on individual community members and broader systems change.

Develop a framework that centers racial and gender equity across the organization and coalition

We will advance racial and gender equity and make it an explicit part of our work across the organization, from our operations and human resources to member engagement, programs, as well as our policy priorities and partnership strategies.

Embody our values in our workplace

National CAPACD seeks to take a step back and assess where operations could better advance and embody our values. In addition, in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, there is opportunity to reflect on how we approach our work - opening greater possibility to approach daily operations differently and with more flexibility for employees.